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I was completely out-shined by the beautiful bride (as it should be) but still quite satisfied with my budget dress that I wore to the wedding in Spain Friday.

Oh My Love dress (sold online and at Topshop Oxford Street)/ Sophia Webster shoes/ Chanel purse



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My blog has been a bit quiet for the past week. Wifi has been a bit fussy..And I have been a bit lazy.. I enjoyed some amazing days in Marbella with my boyfriend and Nathalie and her boyfriend ( thanks for the picture Nathalie!). It is not much that can compete with long days in the sun with best friends, fresh seafood and several bottles of rose wine.The image below is from Nikki beach Marbella, that recently underwent a really successful upgrade. Worth a visit if any of you are ever in the area. The foursome left Marbella two days ago to attend one of my best friends wedding in Valladolid and tomorrow are my boyfriend and I leaving for Cannes where his family is meeting us. What a busy summer we are having!

I hope your vacays are just as amazing as mine. Don't forget to live in the moment and enjoy every second of it!




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My parents have an apartment in Marbella, andevery timeI go here I tend to leave some clothes, and I always getpleasantlysurprised when I return and locate forgotten items in my wardrobe. This crocheted dress is currently living in Marbella. It works perfectly over a bikini on a beach club, less perfect in the streets of Oslo.

Dress from Lily J/ sandals from Lanvin



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Throwing on a bikini and a shirt, a hat and a pair of sandals.. Going for breakfast with my boyfriend and meeting friends on the beach. Going straight from the beach with my hair still wet to a lunch-turns dinner, turns drinks until the early hours. Marbella is treating me well as always.


H&M shirt/ Calzedonia bikini (the best brand if you like Brazilian cut bottoms!)/ Birkenstock sandals/ Marc Jacobs bag/ Ray Bans



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I am one of those that never really bothered with high spf or covering up in the summer. I never worried about getting burned, and I tanned easily and burned only slightly. Up until I turned 25. At 25 I started seeing the consequences of not taking proper care of my skin in the sun. Fine lines (as the professionals like to call it) and pigmentation started to appear. Now, four years later, with a push from my sister, I am covering myself up in hats and high spf. I am still getting brown, my skin is looking better, and most importantly am I reducing the risks of cancer. And I think the hat is cool! Win/win/Win!




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White, casual, bohemian outfits. A fresh, makeup free face, beach hair and lazy days

Happy summer!!!




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I'm off to Marbella for ten days with family, friends, boyfriend, party and relaxation. Wohoo! I am of course bringing both my camera and my mac.

Happy holiday everyone!!




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I went to a wedding again this weekend. A beautiful gay wedding with the cutest grooms I have ever seen. So completely head over heels in love with each other. We were invited to a beautiful church ceremony that proved that there isn't anything different between the love between a man and a women, the love between two women, or the love between two men. True love is true love regardless, and everyone should be allowed to get married the way they want to get married.

Obviously, someone should wear a crown to a wedding, even though there was no bride. I paired my studded headband with a Missoni dress, Valentino shoes and Givenchy bag

Comparing splits with the always goorgeous Caroline from Elle (in DVF)



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I bought this turban a while back but I haven't yet found an occasion to wear it. After I had a look at Annabelle's blog, where she styled in amazeballsingly, is it now clear that it will be coming with me (and all my white t shirts and jersey shorts) to Marbella and Cannes. If there is anywhere in the world I would feel comfortable wearing this, cote d'azur is it!

You can get it is different colours here and here



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Equipment bomber jacket/ Bik Bok skirt/ Tommy Hilfiger t shirt/ Birkenstock shoes/